After waking up and posting news to the website I shaved my head and beard to zero, at 7:30 I left home towards "my new job", walked by the Putala Palace and felt great!:) Then I went to the flower shop and bought white Lilly's for the Tibetan girl I noticed yesterday in some shop and could not take my eyes from her. She is sooo beautiful...:)

Afterwards I moved to my new job. I was seated in my own office and started creating the website. :) it's cool :) I can say clearly - during his month I've forgotten how to work and sitting by computer was frustrating me a lot!:) but I managed somehow and pull myself together and made something. Tomorrow - Saturday -will continue.

At around 11 I went to give flowers to the Princess I met yesterday at the shop where she is working together with her mother so she must be a very special princess if I went there in front of her mother. She is kind of special. She is ery, very beautiful. Like very very beautiful!:) So I gave her the flowers and she invited me for a tea but I refused as I don't speak Chinese but she - English. We had just an eye conversation. :)

And afterwards I got back to the work and found out that I have brand new client waiting for me!:) in two days two clients - not bad for a "new in the town"!:) The first client in which office I'm sitting gives me the Tibetian permits and ticket towards Kathmandu, Nepal - package worth around 300 - 400 euros and with my second client we agreed on 150 euros for a website - so during my illegal stay in Lhasa which probably will last until next Wednesday I'll earn around 500 euros!:) which is not so bad and I will even have some money for further travelling!:)

At 4 PM I was running back to hostel where I had a date with a very nice girl from the same hostel I live in - I met sher yesterday at the bar and she was so kind that invited me to see some local monasteries around Lhasa where usually tourists don't go.

So at 4 I went with her - we climbed mountains, laughed a lot, she taught me Chinese, we drunk some tea in some monastery , and had a very great time. She is a writer and very nice 21 years old girl. She also doesn't watch TV, reads about six book per month, listens to Bach and Beethoven and also believes in God in her own way unattached to some religion - so many common things we got so I spent a really nice time.
Afterwards - just before the rain was coming down- we reached Lhasa driving by bus and rickshaws and went to the bar to have something to eat and I had a beer as well.

I'm going to sleep earlier today as it's working day for me tomorrow and I got up very early today and feel already tired. It was a great day!:) First months private party in the was I could not imagine better!:) Summer - the girl who where guiding me towards mountain passes made me a real good time! She was very caring - brought some fruits for me, was always adding a tea in my cup. She is very nice girl!:)

Today is a one month since I'm travelling. I waked up before 6. Now looking back on it it seems like a crazy trip which in some places was ven more than unreal. I've received so many help from so many people from so many parts of the world. There was more than a hundred of people I met during this time - and few of them have become like a close to me - like the Denis from Kaluga, Russia in the very beginning - I spent about 4 days together with and Aleksey from Zabaikalsk, Russia I had a deep talk and only thanks to him I'm now here where I am or Ingus from Tianjin, China - I new him from Riga, Latvia - but we never had any relationships before.

Also the paradox is - I went out from home with 10 eur in my pocket - 50 gave me my friend from Brussels Maris - so I left Brussels with 60 eur, but now there is about 100 in my pocket and I am in Tibet where only permissions cost a capital comparing to what i have.

So this week I have to stay in Lhasa. Today and tomorrow I will make a website - incredible job opportunity in Tibet to get a permits. Today in afternoon I have a date with a girl I met yesterday in a bar - we will climb some holly mountain today in the afternoon.

But anyway - I am happy that I am making this trip. I've seen a lot of places and people and have got myself into a lots of different situations which have opened my world more widely. I'm grateful to everybody who helped me on my way and grateful to God who is always watching me and giving me the best situations and people I could ever have.