Today is the 50th day since I'm travelling. It feels like a lifestyle now more than a travelling. But sometimes I feel good when thinking of that this will end very soon. Looking back now in a map and explaining to the people what I made to get here seems pointless as I even myself can not believe in it. Now looking back - it feels like I'm lying when telling that I came here where I'm now from Brussels all the way hitchhiking except for China where I had to take a train but together with that I got a lift of about 150 km in China and about 300 km I was driving a bicycle in Tibet. Generally it all even for me looks incredible and unbelievable sometimes. It's good that I have this website - thing to remember and to realize what have I left behind in these 50 days.

I got lucky about internet - yesterday I found it for free and the speed is quite good!:) My morning started at 3:30 - and I guess I was the last one who got up as everybody gets up at around 3 AM!!! and are preparing for morning prayers dedicated to Hare Krishna starting at 4:30.

I must note that it is my first time I'm staying in ashram and everything is new for me. Even if I don't understand the meaning of a lot of things and probably Hare Krishna as religion is not quite suitable for me, I decided during my stay, do everything what local monks are doing to pray the God.

Some call Him Allah, some Jesus, some Krishna, some Buddha ... - anyway my believe is that God is everywhere and there are just different ways to approach Him. He is everything and everywhere so he is just to big to fit inside just one religion. Every prayer to the God for me is good and doesn't matter the language or the name of Him. So I pray God and was singing praises to Him according to Hindu believe system - so today I was singing praises to God Hare Krishna and it feels great!:) At around 5:30 AM I went back sleep and be a food for mosquitoes...:) and waked up only around 11.

So I hit the city and met some German guys travelling like me all across the world for months. We visited a lot of temples and for me most exciting was Golden temple where security was very high and everybody had to leave everything outside. So no photos from that amazing place where yogis are chanting vedic mantras and the place just feels like shining from blessed and pure energy. Also I was swimming in Ganga. Even twice. :) once alone and second time with the local cows. :)

The guys I met are staying in the Ganapati Guest House. I have to say - it is amazing. Nice Ganga views with rooms windows leading to the Ganga- it is amazing. I recommend it for everybody who wants to go to Varanasi. In such a jot weather the Ganga winds makes air cooler and Varanasi seems like the best city in the world.

Generally - this city is crazy. It is very old. I don't know how old is it - but it seems like thousands of years. You can see temples built on ruins of older temples. Temples everywhere. Small streets. Low doors. Cows. Goats. Sick dogs. Hashish dealers who try to sell everything they got even shouting loud in front of police.

Yogis and lot of weird stuff.. We went to some yoga classes. Generally - well spent day! I'm happy for swimming in Ganga and visiting monasteries. Varanasi is incredible city!