Outside is so cold that people are wearing winter jackets kind of I'm usually wearing from November till March. But I feel excellent because I've reached Omsk - a city I have heard a lot about before.

Yesterdays Vladimir, who picked me up from Kazahstan border and drived even further than he needed to and gave some number to call while in Omsk made me a pleasant surprise. 

After walking all night until finally some truck driver picked me up, and driving with him all day until we reached Omsk, I called to the number I got yesterday from Vladimir and as told introduced myself as Martin from Belgium. The pleasant woman's voice on the other side of the line explained that they have been waiting for me and gave me the address.

I looked in a map of the Omsk, found a street and in 3 hours reached the destination on my way walking into a very beautiful Russian Orthodox church.

When I entered the colorfully decorated building and introduced myself - some nice young lady with a pretty smile brought me downstairs to Russian sauna, where she, unfortunately left me be on my own, where I finally chilled for a few hours and swam in a pool after 120 degrees Celsius hot black Russian sauna.

Tomorrow the owner will take me to the immigration service and to one local new built cathedral in city of Omsk, from where I will start moving towards Novosibirsk.