After last nights farewell party in Kuala Lumpur Reggae Club I was home around 5 a.m. - making progress as previously I came only around 9 am...:) I waked up with a wake up call that I need to check out from a hotel.

Quick look in a mirror, red eyes... I guess to much party - at least this time I waked up in my room and alone. Took a shower and after moved through a city towards bus station to go to Bata Caves. Amazing place with place to worship Hinduism gods inside. Monkeys, of course... One was even biting me in my leg. That was funny.:)

(huge statue of the one of the Shiva's sons)

And then I went back to the Kuala Lumpur which is about 15 km from there and bought a train ticket towards Pulau Pinang Island, about 350 km from Kuala Lumpur towards Thailand where I arrived at 11 pm only in the train station called Butterworth, from there boat to the island passing nearby magnificent around 15 kilometers long Pulau Penang bridge and that's it - I'm in Georgetown - island.

I met one guy from Czech Republic so it was easier to travel and find places. We found some cheap hostel and went to bed.

No party today.:)