Singer from Nigeria Glow Ria released her debut album le on August 16 this year. She gave the audience a song called "Broken". The beautiful piece is available on all leading digital music streaming platforms. Listen online here >>

The young singer comes from Colombia and she tends to say about herself this way - bright and energetic - just like morning coffee. She is both a songwriter and a singer in one person. She has the magical ability to create unique music that others admire.

Before joining Black Sea Records, Glow Ria often watched and was inspired by singers such as eLouise and Fatima Ezzahra on Youtube. zHustlers was also close to her. She hopes to one day be able to make as big and positive an impact on the music industry with her music as these great music greats.

The musician really has a noticeable and audible talent in the songs. All the doors to fame are open to her. All she has to do is continue to create new music and play her cards correctly. The rest will be a matter of time, but we will definitely see him once conquering the top of the music charts and performing at various concerts and even festivals on the big stages.

We offer to listen to composition from Glow Ria's debut single "Revelation" called "The Plain Of Kurus", as well as invite you to support the young singer. A link has been added to the source site that will take you to her Momenters profile. Don't be shy - go and follow it! It will only take you a short time and will not cost you anything, but it will give an indescribably great incentive for the young musician to create new compositions!