At Momenters, we relentlessly believe in equality. Thus, you will find that our users come from different parts of the world. We are not limiting participation on the basis of anything. And we ensure that this is applicable to all users who join our platform.

In addition to accepting and embracing diversity when it comes to different types of users, we are also quite open to our users discussing various topics. From political to social to cultural.

Think about this for a second.

On all major social media platforms, your opinions are often restricted because there is this one guy/gal sitting on the other end of the opinion spectrum who disagrees with what you have to say. And if they have more power than you, then they can easily shut you down, irrespective of how big you are or how much influence you have. This is true for all major social media platforms - no exceptions needed.

In fact, one of the most popular social media platform (we would not like to name names here) has often come under the scrutiny for having employees that are overall too left-leaning. This means that other opinions are often discarded and shunned. Yet another huge platform has been criticised for being too supportive of right-wing politicians.

In a world so socially divided, Momenters stands as the only social media platform where users don't feel isolated. Currently, our platform has over 5K users and the number is only rapidly increasing.

Feel free to join and connect with people from all over the world Let's RESTART the social networks, too!