Have you ever had this feeling that almost all you do is "Search & Rescue" work in projects? Or you hire a person to do admin work and things improve a little, but then go back to the state as before?

Yep, something fundamental is a bit off...

I was asked once what is the most important thing that you can teach your perfect customer and I had an immediate answer - the strategy to build any process in minutes that your team will love.


When I was running technical support for a whole region in a large telco, we had fines for almost everything. Our customers were paying millions for technical support hence the demands were extremely high.

And once I gave the update via phone call but did not change the status of the ticket. That lead to a very problematic situation. That's when I had a dry mouth, quiet voice explaining the process everyone hated.

After this incident, I built a strategy called "events & triggers" to move the ticket throughout our process. When I moved to a new role, our customer satisfaction was at an all-time high at 9.1 up from 5.4 two years earlier.

And in my first blog video, I wanted to teach you this strategy. And on top of I also wanted to share with all of you the simple yet powerful tool called Magic Process Map that you can download for FREE and use with your team.