13x6 Lace Front Wig has a 13-inch lace across the hairline from ear to ear and 6 inches across the crown to the back. All types of wigs are composed of two parts, hand-made and machine-made. The same is true for our 13x6 lace front wig. Since the lace area is larger than others, the 13x6 wig requires more manual work. Moreover, the 13x6 Lace Wig has no restrictions for parting. You split it down the middle, left, or right. It can offer incredible and versatile styling options and even be styled with a deep side parting. 

Why Choose 13x6 Lace Front Wig In Autumn
1.6in Deep Partin, Can Part everywhere. When side parting the wig, the 13x6 Lace Frontal can part longer than normal 6in lace wigs.

2.Whole Bleached Knots, Bleaching can make knots undetectable and very natural looking. bleaching method will not affect the hair lifespan and will not cause shedding.

3.Invisible Swiss Lace, This Invisible Swiss lace is more transparent than the previous brown color, the lace wig will bring the most natural-looking to women. With the Invisible Swiss lace, you will find the lace wig is as natural as your own scalp.

4.150% Thicker Density Wig. Compared to normal lace wigs, because the lace parting is bigger, 13x6 lace wig is fuller and feel thicker. The short hair is less than normal lace wigs.

5.Pre-plucked Hairline, Plucking of the hairpiece creates those perfect baby hairs and a flawless hairline. Although pre-plucked wigs are usually more expensive, they are simply superior in appearance to all others.

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